Accessible. Compassionate. Affordable.


RBS LAW makes estate planning a friendly and approachable topic, not a scary or morbid one. My priority is to make you feel comfortable (not overwhelmed) and to educate and support you from start to finish. I know that proactive estate planning is a selfless act for your family, and it is my goal to help you achieve a greater peace of mind.

Losing a family member or friend is a difficult time for everyone involved, and settling their estate can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and stressful. RBS LAW can lessen the burden and help you through the entire process, making it as efficient and painless as possible.

I keep costs low by working virtually, which means I can meet you at your home or office, a local library or coffee shop. If you prefer a private meeting space, RBS LAW has access to offices all over the Denver metro area. I am flexible and accessible: when you call my office, I am the one who picks up the phone. To accommodate your busy schedules, I make myself available during non-traditional business hours including evenings and weekends. Lastly, RBS LAW offers a discount for law enforcement and first responders.

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